CIFOR Guidelines

The CIFOR Guidelines for Foodborne Disease Outbreak Response (CIFOR Guidelines) are a comprehensive source of information on foodborne disease investigation and control for local, state and federal health agencies. The Guidelines describe:

  • the overall approach to addressing foodborne disease outbreaks, including preparation, detection, investigation, control and follow-up. 
  • the roles of key organizations in foodborne disease outbreaks.

The Guidelines incorporate significant changes in the foodborne disease surveillance and outbreak investigation framework since the first edition of the Guidelines was published in 2009. Changes include:

  • information about the Food Safety Modernization Act
  • new information about model practices in outbreak investigation and response
  • updated statistics, references and examples
  • enhanced alignment between the Guidelines and the Toolkit.

Who should use it:

Any public health practitioner involved in the detection, investigation, control, or prevention of foodborne illness outbreaks.

View and download the CIFOR Guidelines. Individual chapters include:

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